Chapter 1 Learning Goals and Success

The learning goals for this activity are for students to:

  • Develop an awareness of the science and history of the didgeridoo and the paixiao
  • Practice hands-on construction methods to create custom, playable PVC musical instruments
  • Develop an awareness of long-term trends in climate data
  • Design a custom notation system for performance using the PVC instruments
  • Create a collaborative musical piece inspired by climate data
  • Perform the custom musical piece using the didgeridoo and/or the paixiao

Success will be determined by:

  • Creation of playable PVC musical instruments
  • Creation of a notation system that can be used to perform a musical piece
  • Creation and performance of a musical piece inspired directly by trends in global climate data
Large Jesse Lethbridge Didgeridoo (4845). Seen at [](

Figure 1.1: Large Jesse Lethbridge Didgeridoo (4845). Seen at